dijous, 16 de febrer de 2012

Two types of interpersonal conflict: people-focused conflict and issue-focused conflict

Interactio between people that we need to be in touch stemming from a team work, it could focus on two types of conflicts: people-focused conflict and issue-focused conflict.

Managers believe that conflict is the lifeblood of their organization, while others believe that each and every conflict episode sucks blood from their organization. Both have reason, though it depens on the type of conflict.  Because, people-focused conflicts threaten relationships, whereas issue-based conflicts enhance relationships, privided that people are comfortable with it, including feeling able to manage it effectively. Last type of conflict is more productive than the other.

People-focused conflict refers to the 'in your face' kind of confrontations in which their affect leve is high and the intense emotional heat is likely by moral indignation. Accusations of harm, demands for justice, and feelings of resentment are the common markers of personal disputes. Hence, personal disputes are extremely difficult to resolve, and the long-term effects of the dispute on interpersonal relations can be devastating.

Issue-focused conflicts are more like rational negotiations, which can be thought of as 'an interpersonal decision-making process by which two or more people agree how to allocate scarce resources. With this type of conflict, manager-negotiators are typically acting as agents, representing the interest of their department, function, or project.