divendres, 22 de febrer de 2013

Summarizing data by Using Histograms


The histograms tool allow us to get how a set of measures take shape broke into bin ranges, so that it renders us how a set of figures will be symmetric or skewed, as a result managers will know how to performance.

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dimarts, 19 de febrer de 2013

Solving problems of warehouse location by using GRG Multistart SOLVER tool

Hi everybody,

GRG Multistar is an engine of Solver, which allows solve functions that it has several peaks, so that this engine find the upper and lower bounds as regards function of range peak function.

This kind of problems could be useful to find the best location of service or product warehouse between two points (customers, suppliers, crib tools...), and it renders the best problem election, when we face a multi choice problem.

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dijous, 14 de febrer de 2013

Using Solver for Financial Planing

I can use Solver to verify the accuracy of the Excel PMT function or to determina mortgage payments for a variable interest rate, including we could determinate how much money it is needed to save for our retirement.

You could look up downloading file.

dimarts, 12 de febrer de 2013

Using Solver for Capital Budgeting


Solver tool is useful to determine which project it should undertake a company, sometimes a company have to face election problems, because of theirs Capital budget constraints; so election could be performed in the right way if managers use this Solver in other to solve this kind of problems.

You could download the file by clicking here

Using Solver to Schedule Your Workforce

Hi again

Here you are a new Excel file, where I have learnt, in this lesson I learnt to perfomance optimizise work force schedule, applying constraints as full's days work with no breaks, working week, labor requirements shifts...

You could look at the file by clicking here.

dilluns, 11 de febrer de 2013

Optimization: determi the optimal product using SOLVER

Hi again,

Solver is a tool that you can use to determine de maximum profit or minimum cost, by considering constrains as total labor hour, capacity of the plant, work time machine, available raw materials...

The tool can help performance managers to find the optimal production by solving this can of problems.

If like to look at how to solve this kind of problems

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dijous, 7 de febrer de 2013

Using the Scenario Manager for Sensitivity Analysis

Hello again,

You can use the Scenario Manager tool to perform sensitivity analysis with Excel, and you'll sure attain your budgets goals.

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dimecres, 6 de febrer de 2013


Hello everybody,

The sensitivity analysis allows managers to know how possible future changes in one or two independent variable could affect to our figures, how possible prices or cost trends may move the profit or demand or revenues.

It's an interesting tool to perform better and arrange budgets in controlling task.

You could look at different ways to calculate companies’ figures using sensitivity analysis with data table by download the following file:

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