dissabte, 21 de gener de 2012

New Chaperr: Motivation others

Motivation is key element that it is necessary which it works in an organization, to manage people´s will, they get a goal, it is necessary motivation. In addition, motivations depend on different features related with workers environment and personal skills, education, qualifications... This is way it is important the following sequence:

Motivation - performance - outcomes - satisfaction

Motivation could be external and internal. The internal could be found on the skill performance´s workers, their knowledge or things they do better, ever so, motivation could be fueled by things that they liked to do. 

On the other hand, motivation could be foster as resolt of different management actions: discipline, when it is necessary to correct behaviors, and others tools reinforces and awards, when it is necessary to modify and move the subordinates behavior to a excellent performance. 

You could see more details here

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