dimarts, 11 de setembre de 2012


Today Catalonia celebrates a victory: we survive as culture, we resilience as nation, we resist as a culture people, we strive against three hundred years of oppression, we do our best to build together a future; however, the rest of Spain doesn’t want the same, they are only interesting on stemming from  our effort, their doesn´t mind our feelings like a people, their doesn’t care our daily effort to achieve our progress.

Today Catalan people demonstrate in favour of our right as and our different values, language and culture, we’ll try to show to rest of world that we are people who deserve to design the ways of our destiny, who like to go with the rest of Europe, including Spain.

Today, Catalonia will be ready to walk alone without help, we show to the world that we are able to contribute with commitment and concord to a peaceful and  better world, we strive to achieve and spread the progress to other people from everywhere, our values and behavior come from try very hard every day with our work to achieve our ambitious proposes to contribute to the human progress, without  renouncing to our deserve social welfare, so we won’t give up our right as a nation, and we won’t forget our duties as a people with ourselves and with the rest of the people who we go with.

Best regards.

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