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Catalonia one state: a good business for the rest of Spain.

A split between Spain and Catalonia, if it will take a good direction, plenty of concord without resentment fueled by the threat of fear, it could be a good business for both parts. The reasons are the following: it is clear if we analyze macroeconomic data that Spain is in the same way that Portugal and Greece. Otherwise, Catalonia data allows us to be more optimistic, this economic area is more solvent and it could recovery quicker than Spain, however the Catalan economy has to carry the Spanish liabilities prompted by a wrong design of the Spanish political system. So, if we analyze the situation taking care of rational data, as the the Spanish ship fails, it doesn’t work with all his charge, It makes sense to flood the smaller boats still operate and with more powerful, with the intention that it will drag the rest to fruition, or they can come to fruition and help build up the big boat.

This country called Spain, there are a number of resistance from a political oligarchy, which governed Spain, only feeding and defending their own interests without considering the general interest which have ended up ruining the rest of the country. Just have to keep in mind the statements of the Virgin of Hope made ​​yesterday in Madrid, stating that the mainland has 2,000 years of history together, is ignoring the birth of modern states do not arise until the fourteenth century and fifteenth centuries, and centralized states are merely an invention of the seventeenth century absolutist Bourbon king Louis XV (the Sun King), in Roman times the Romans divided the peninsula provinces (http://luis-nuestroblogdelnara5y6.blogspot.com.es/2012/06/hispania-una-parte-del-imperio-romano.html) ), Which will turn into the Middle Ages in different kingdoms, the most important Castile and Aragon (Tarraconsensis and Carthaginians), the Islamic invasion that spanned 700 years, also makes a clear division between the northern Catalonia and other regions of Spain (http://www.elblogdesociales.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/07/europa1000.jpg) Therefore the last 2000 years can only say that we have been "together" necessarily 300 years and hardly, if this is the story that the minister wants Wert taught in schools, then I think you need to s' do watch.

Obviously they are in Europe, we must make every effort so that no Member State fall, but it has to do with intelligence, and that claims following words of Albert Einstein: "If you want to get different results, not always do the same. "So it is clear what the issues are that Spain, both economic (production model) as a financial level (banking) is not logical that if Catalonia is out, we are trapped continued sinking all. In a scenario with a higher degree of sovereignty by Catalonia, the engine could continue to work more efficiently to be more lighter load, and this inertia would drag the rest of Spain fruition.

For example, a sovereign Catalonia could afford a tax break, you could back the recently approved tax increases, since it would be "internal devaluation tax" to have a trade surplus, our current account balance (goods and services) and ende our balance of payments or financial, would be positive, could reduce social security contributions, and our business would be much more competitive, could export more, and would attract more investment rates of unemployment lower, these factors would increase our per capita income, which would consume more Spanish products and help to improve the production system from the rest of the country (Spain) and its balance with the outside; otherwise, the situation is now Spain, it would start a big impact in Catalonia, the boat does not work, adrift: no production system healthy, does not attract investments and all funds received from foreign we all know where they end up in non-productive investments that all they do is make matters worse, this drift pulls us inexorably toward us and reefs subjected to a severe crisis of social, economic and moral. So Spain must realize that the address is not correct leads, opportunities and resources has to change its direction, but was determined to continue, now, we can demand that embarranquem together.

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