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Practica suggestions for Empowering Others

Articulate a Clear Vision and Goals:

  • Create a picture of a desired future.

  • Use word pictures and emotional language to describe the vision.

  • Identify specific actions and strategies that will lead to the vision.

  • Establish SMART goals.

  • Associate the vision and goals with personal values.

Foster Personal Mastery Experiences:

  • Break apart large tasks and assign one part at a time.

  • Assign simple tasks before difficult tasks.

  • Highlight and celebrate small wins.

  • Incrementally expand job responsibilities.

  • Give increasingly more esponsibility to solve problems.

Model Successful Behaviors

  • Demonstrate successful task accomplishment.

  • Point out other people who have succeeded.

  • Facilitate interaction with other role models.

  • Find a coach.

  • Establish a mentor relationship

Provide Support

  • Praise, encourage, express approval for, and reassure.

  • Send letters or notes of praise to family members or coworkers.

  • Regularly provide feedback.

  • Foster informal social activities to build cohesion.

  • Supervise less closely and provide time-slack.

  • Hold recognition ceremonies.

Arouse Positive Emotions

  • Foster activities to encourage friendship formation.

  • Periodically send light-hearted messages.

  • Use superlatives in giving feedback.

  • Highlight compatiblility between important personal values and organizational goals.

  • Clarify impact on the ultimate customer.

  • Foster attributes of recreation in work: clear goals, effective scorekeeping and feedback systems, and out-of-bounds behavior.

Provide Information

  • Provide all task-relevant information.
  • Continuously provide technical information and objective data.
  • Pass along relevant cross-unit and cross-functional information.
  • Provide access to information or people with senior responsibility.
  • Provide access to information from its source.
  • Clarify effects of actions on customers.

Provide Resources

  • Provide training and development experiences.
  • Provide technical and administrative support.
  • Provide needed time, space, or equipment.
  • Ensure access to relevant information networks.
  • Provide more discretion to commit resources.

Connect to outcomes

  • Provide a chance to interact directly with those receiving the service or output.
  • Provide authority to resolve problems on the spot.
  • Provide immediate, unfiltered, direct feedback on results.
  • Create task identity, or the opportunity to accomplish a complete task.
  • Clarify and measure effects as well as direct outcomes.

Create confidence

  • Exhibit reliability and consistency.
  • Exhibit fairness and equity.
  • Exhibit caring and personal concern.
  • Exhibit openness and honesty.
  • Exhibit competence and expertise.

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